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Heiji's Case Files

...notes from the field...

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I'm a 16 year old High School student in Osaka, Japan's second largest city after Tokyo. Like the cities, I'm often compared to the other famous teen detective in Japan, Tokyo's Kudo Shinichi. My father is the Osaka Police Commissioner, though I'm pretty sure I get my kendo skills from my mother as well as my father. In order to find Kudo, I once went to Tokyo to confront him to see who was better, but despite not meeting him, I made the aquaintance of the "Sleeping Detective" Mouri Kogoro, his daughter Ran, and their 'houseguest' Edogawa Conan. In doing so, I'm occaisionally in contact with the family, especially their guest Conan, since as Ran puts it, 'Conan loves playing detective'.

Oh, and so I'm not reminded occaisionally, *rolls eyes* I'm childhood friends with Kazuha, because we grew up together(her father serves under my father's command, but they are great longtime friends), and as Kazuha puts it, we are 'linked by a chain of iron' or something like that.