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Welcome to the LiveJournal of the Detective of the West! This will merely be a place for me to write down notes and stuff for cases, though I may write in it from time to time of other matters...
May. 14th, 2009 @ 10:05 am (no subject)
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Ugh, a month into the new school year and already this is becoming bothersome. I can tell this term's classes will be pretty hard, I dunno why I let my adviser talk me into a few of these. I'm still gonna try to keep up my high marks, as my old man wants me to get into a good university still. Then couple this into my kendo club matches and then any cases that come my way, and... yeah. At least Kazuha is being nice about it and not bugging me so much, esp once she saw my courseload. -_-

(OOC: We're gonna try to bring back the RPG, but start with a new case. Not sure if all the characters people played will used, but perhaps if you are interested enough we can fit you in.)
Jan. 27th, 2008 @ 01:27 am busy, busy
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Well, if studyin' and helping my team practice for the Kendo tournament later this week is enough, then, yeah, I've been busy. It's still somewhat cold here in Osaka, an' snow falls quite a bit a' times. Few earthquakes here and there, but that's normal for Japan.

Found a major lead on th' case I mentioned before. I hope I can help out my friend's neighbor with her missing items. Have ta see how tha' goes though.

... I think Kaz'ha's plottin' behind my back again, or somethin', since she isn't talkin' to me much. Don't think I did anythin' wrong, but with girls... I mean, with some people, ya never know. *shrugs*
Jan. 21st, 2008 @ 10:28 pm Slightly wind-burned, but back
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Well, was busy for most of th' weekend as Kaz'ha wanted to visit this 'Winter Park Festival' that was in Niigata. Not quite th' Sapporo Festival my parents had taken me to when I was younger, but it was pretty fun. I think she enjoyed it, for even though her face was somewhat reddened 'cause of the wind, her smile was pretty wide. We skied at a nearby ski resort on Saturday, and then ice-skated and wandered about the shops of the festival before we had ta head back ta Osaka on Sunday.

I got home, and my old man handed me a letter saying that because of a glitch in the printing, my practice exams had ta be a week later. Ya won't see me all sad because of tha'. :) Gives me more time ta help my team practice, study more for the exams, and perhaps work on a case tha' is still buggin' me.
Jan. 18th, 2008 @ 12:13 am Hisashiburi ya ne...
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Wow, been a while since I posted here, it seems... Same ol', same ol'. Still going to school with Kaz'ha, and still being captain of the Kendo club. Time just stands still while in school, huh. Wonder what it'll be like when I finally grad'ate an' all.

Been tryin' ta help some of my friends around Japan, one in particula'. This monsta'-sized case he's on seems to have a lead to chase once in a while, but the leads jus' then fizzle out. But it's not a good thing ta be reckless and get caught up in somethin', as I know by experience. I have th' wounds to prove it, including some that are not physical.

Akan, getting too mushy, tha's Kaz'ha's job. Anyways, I think I'd betta' sign off soon, have exams to study for an' a kendo tournament comin' up. It's snowin' as usual in Osaka, btw, but this year seems colder then usual.
Jan. 1st, 2007 @ 01:27 am Happy New Years ta' everyone...
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Well, Kazuha and I made a trip to the local shrine for New Years Eve tonight, since she just _had_ to go for good luck charms, especially the ones that are only sold on New Years. Though she kept me waiting and waiting as the line got longer, but finally she came about 30 minutes before midnight. At least I kept myself busy by walking around the streets by the shrine and seeing all the booths. I did buy a couple of things, especially taiyaki which in addition to eating it, it kept my hands warm.

But she came, and we got into line to wait for midnight when they would let people into the shrine grounds. We arguedchatted a bit, mostly about school and a few other things, until fireworks sprang up all over the city to mark the new year. It only took a few minutes after that for the line to start moving. Even though we were somewhat back in line, it was only about 40 minutes til we entered the grounds to pray at the main shrine itself. I still don't feel I deserved the elbow in the stomach for glancing at the miko when we were close to the shrine to pray, I wanted to see what they had for people to buy... -_-

After we visited the main part of the shrine and she bought her omamori(and I bought a few since I knew my mother wouldn't mind some), we went out to a 24-hour restaurant and met some of our mutual friends to celebrate. Guess I should get back to them, since I kinda snuck off to post this...

Have a good New Years!
Dec. 13th, 2006 @ 09:13 pm Crows and other dreams
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It's said that crows are evil, that they are servants that spy for evil spirits which seek power.

Of course I've never believed that old legend, I just think they are troublesome birds that like to pick through garbage and make a lot of noise if they are disturbed. But lately some of my dreams have me wondering. Sometimes I'll see them flapping overhead in my dreams, other times they perch on some light post or sign to stare at me as I walk past on my way to school or back home. Once in a while the crows in the dreams all turn into people that are dressed all in black, and try to grab me for whatever reason of their dark masters...

Ah, but those are dreams, right...? o_o

Those are sometimes my dreams of late, though most of the time I barely remember them. Sometimes I'll get glimpses of cases I'll be working on, once in a while even a case that I've not handled yet, I'll see something that is sort of a deja-vu feeling later when I actually get into the case. I still remember a certain dream vividly, it was during the serial killing when Ossan and his group were visiting me for the first time. They also happened to meet Kazuha for the first time, funny thing that, maybe I'll get to it some time. But for some reason I dreamt that a particular person might get attacked, so I did what I could to get the serial killer, though it ended up with me being injured by a ricocheting bullet. The first of quite a few scars I was to receive since I met the group from Tokyo. For some reason though, it dosn't seem like the dream I had about that person really went away, sometimes it inserts itself into quite another dream, which I can't really explain.

It's sorta strange, now that I think on it. My grandparents gave me the darker tone of their skin, though it skipped that of both mom and dad. But when I was really young, before she passed away while I was in first-grade(amazed I still remember it clearly), my great-grandmother told me to 'pay attention to my dreams, for they may yield clues of the future...' I asked dad what that meant a few years later, and he took it to mean that if I make goals, that that will lead me to my future. But now that I am seeing some of these dreams, I have to wonder if there was another meaning...

Oh, enough musing, people like Kazuha will probably laugh at me and all after this, saying I'm being silly for writing such a post. But it's my journal, and this has been bugging me enough I finally decided to write something of it.
Dec. 6th, 2006 @ 12:57 pm (no subject)
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You know, I just can't get into this whole 'fame of teen detectives' thing that everyone is going off about in the general populace and the media. We solve cases, nothing glamorous about it. Police detectives do the same thing we do, and unless it's a high-profile case involving celebrities or the Kaitou Kid, usually not one of them receives the same fanfare that I or others garner. I don't know about Kudo's stance on it, but I know I'm tired most of the time of being hailed as 'the Teen Detective of the West' and being treated like some celebrity when I'm not. I feel my age has nothing to do with me solving cases, since I am able to help people with my results, the same way police officers do. What will everyone say in about 10 years when I'm still solving cases and am an actual police detective? Well, not sure about that myself, but it's what my dad wants me to do by following in his path.

At first a few of the police inspectors and even one or two of the detectives that worked with my father were fairly envious that I was solving cases faster then them, until my father suggested that we work together on cases after they went to him with their concerns. At first that didn't work well because they were usually so anxious to solve the case before I would that they basically started to be like Mouri-Ossan in finger-pointing and following false leads. After that, I earnestly spoke to each one, telling each one that, no I wasn't interested in taking their jobs, I just wanted to help them so that I wasn't having to be called so much, that I usually just want to be a normal high-school student(no modesty about it, it's something I wouldn't mind being). I showed them how to ask someone about something without being 'in-their-faces' about it, and how to examine all the clues to determine if they were relevant to the case or not. After that, they became better friends and started to actually do a better job so I wasn't needed as much.

But sometimes, I don't mind tackling and solving most cases, I have to admit(though not rape cases, since I don't know if I could handle that, plus dad and I agree I'm too young anyway). It gives me somewhat of a challenge for myself, and I can usually meet up with 'Ossan and his group a lot. Plus Kazuha has a new friend in Kudo's girlfriend Ran, so that way I hope she dosn't get involved in anything I am investigating. I'll never forget how panicked and scared I got when we were all staying at the 'Spider Mansion' and I found her like that... Ah, never mind, I don't know if anyone would really care much about that anyway. Sometimes I don't mind meeting other teen detectives also, though who is this weird guy I keep hearing about, this detective from England?
Nov. 9th, 2006 @ 09:16 pm When I solve cases...
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Sometimes when I am busy during Kendo practice, the monotonous pace I put myself when doing drills through often lets me concentrates on cases that decided to drop on me(not literally, it was bad enough that one time!). Recently there have been a couple of truly difficult cases that have made me reflect on how my methods of solving, and when that occurs, I often try to re-examine the methods I used and see if I can do something different.

Any time a detective can't close a case, it sorta weighs on ya, or at least that's what it seems like to me. There's no closure for those affected, no way to console them when 'the bad guy that did this' hasn't been caught yet. And there is someone on the loose that does not deserve to be while the affected suffer. Not just murders, mind you, but embezzlement, theft(not the flashy events Kaitou Kid pulls off, but those that occur to normal people with no warning), and kidnapping. Long ago I was reminded of this when I was totally caught in the fame that had been thrust on me and made stupid mistakes. A certain person retaught me that the case isn't solved by someone who can solve a case by the quickest and the easiest way (thereby putting an innocent person at risk, Ossan sometimes can learn from this when he does his 'finger-pointing'), but someone who can solve the case with a calm mind and rationalizing all the clues and witness statments that can be collected, so that the guilty can be found to atone for their crime.

When I was growing up, I would often sneak down to the dining room where my father and his associates would dicuss cases. It was mostly this fashion in which I honed my detective skills; well, that and doing kid-stuff detective work(like the kinds of cases those kids Conan-kun runs around with solve). Most times I was caught sitting outside the dining room door and sent back to bed, but eventually I was allowed to stay in the same room and even guess at the outcome of the case that was being discussed. When I started solving the cases my father's associates couldn't even decipher, I was then allowed to come on and work with my father. My father was proud when I solved my first major case, it was one that he was actually investigating. He usually dosn't show emotion much, but when I nailed the robber with a clue that the criminal could not refute, I received a pat on the head and a small smile. Too bad that didn't translate into a raise in my allowance though... -_-

Maybe writing down my case files on here is a good idea, I can go back and peer through them when I need to, and maybe look through them while thinking what is different. At some point later though, I think I'm at my stop...
Nov. 6th, 2006 @ 11:47 pm Does this thing work yet?
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Kazuha persuaded me to get this LJ thing, sayin' it's all the new rage. I guess, though I think I'll keep it going to remind me of the cases I've been solving. Tomorrow Kazuha and I are supposed to go to a carnival, Mouri-Ossan invited us to come with him, though it was more of Ku-err that cool kid Conan pressing him to let us come with him.

Wonder what Kazuha an' I will do there, maybe I can see what all the big deal is about these carnivals from other countries. Dad called, let me know school grades had come out and I was number 2 after the school whiz kid. I think he was proud, but something tells me he'd rather I'd gotten number 1 in grades since he wants me to take over his job when he retires, or something like that. But then again, he's the one that pushes me towards the cases, him and mom covering for my absenses at school an' all if I get called away...